Category D residency in Andorra

Get the work permit that will allow you to work for the company you set up

What is the work visa CATEGORY D in Andorra?

If you are planning to live more than half of the year in Andorra and set up your company in the principality, this is the right residence permit for you. It is granted to those starting their business for which they will be working (a restaurant, shop, etc.) or to those who have found a job offer in the country. The application procedure can take up to 3 months. It is a residence and work authorization that lasts 1 year, with the possibility of renewal.

How to get the work permit in Andorra

Initial Investment

In order to get your residence permit category B, you will need to invest in a government bond which value is 15.000€, and have 20% of the company.

Get Foreign Funding

Just to get your application accepted, you will need to find foreign investment for the business you are starting in Andorra.

Bring your spouse with you

Joint applications are only allowed as long as your spouse has 20% of the company you are setting up. If not, he or she will need to wait 12 months from your application.

Become a resident in the country

The category D residency requires you to stay a minimum of 183 days per year in the country. Hence, you will need to pay 10% on the profits your company makes.

When is Category D effective for self-employment?

There are only a few specific professions that will allow you to get the category D residency as a self-employed individual, such as being an architect or a doctor.

Dividends are not taxed

After paying corporate tax, you will be able to distribute dividends to the company shareholders without being taxed for it.

Documents and Requirements

-Proof of a private health insurance contract with a company in Andorra, full coverage inside the principality.

Criminal background records, which must be legalized and apostilled.

Proof of your civil status (whether you are married, single, divorced, etc.)

Bank certificate that demonstrates the possession of sufficient economic means to sustain your life and the lives of your family in the country. More precisely, you must possess a 300% of the minimum salary (which is about 13.000 per year), plus an additional 100% per each family member.

-An initial deposit of 50.000€ (additional 10.000€ per each family member), which will be completely refundable in the future.

-Have a property or rental contract

Company formation documents (obtained on the notary)

Bank transfer certificate accrediting that you paid the 15.000€ for the government bond

-Contributions to the CASS

* Bear in mind that all the documents must be translated into Catalan

Legal process to get the Category D residency

  1. Opening a bank account, both for you as an individual and for the company you will be opening.
  2. Set up your company on the notary. This is where you need to demonstrate that you will receive foreign investment.
  3. Go to the immigration office and get your work permit in Andorra.
  4. Join the CASS, the local social security system for which you will need to pay contributions.

*You will need to attend yourself to realize all this legal steps, or you can designate a legal representative to do it for you (like a lawyer). 


We will prepare all the documents and submit them for you. We can be your legal representatives and manage the procedure at the notary. We will manage your application online, giving specialized attention to you.