Category C: Passive
Residency in Andorra

Residence permit for athletes, entertainers, writers, artists and famous individuals

What is the residency because of sports, art & culture or scientific reasons CATEGORY C?

If you are a well-known or leader in the sports, arts, entertainment, culture, science, writing or academia industry, the CATEGORY C residency is for you. It will allow you to reside in the country legally for 2 years, plus renewals.

How can you get the category C residency in Andorra?

CV and proof of achievements

The main condition that you will need to fulfill is demonstrating that you are a renowned or expert in the before mentioned fields via your CV or portfolio.

Initial Investment

In order to get your residence permit category B, you will need to invest in a government bond with value equal to 50.000€

85% of your activity must be carried outside

You can’t concentrate all your activities in the principality. This means that, for example, if you are a painter, you can hold an exposition but not open an arts school in the country.

Bring your family with you

You can do a joint application and get the residency for your family too. You will just need to ad an extra 10.000€ on the initial investment per each family member.

Life most of the time away from Andorra

You will need to stay in the country for a minimum of 90 days per year. Therefore, you can live abroad and visit the country just for three months.

No need to pay personal tax

If you stay in the country from 90 to 182 days, you will be regarded as a non-resident taxpayer in Andorra, avoiding the need to pay income tax.

Easy Application procedure

Even though each case is analyzed individually, the application procedure is something easy, taking 1 to 2 months until you get your visa.

Documents & Requirements

-Proof of a private health insurance contract with a company in Andorra, full coverage inside the principality.

Criminal background records, which must be legalized and apostilled.

Proof of your civil status (whether you are married, single, divorced, etc.)

Bank certificate that demonstrates the possession of sufficient economic means to sustain your life and the lives of your family in the country. More precisely, you must possess a 300% of the minimum salary (which is about 13.000 per year), plus an additional 100% per each family member.

-An initial deposit of 50.000€ (additional 10.000€ per each family member), which will be completely refundable in the future.

Curriculum vitae and portfolio, which must contain all your qualifications and career achievements.

Balance sheet or income statement obtained in your origin country for the past year.

* Bear in mind that all the documents must be translated into Catalan


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