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Despite not being part of the EU, Andorra has free movement agreements with Spain and France; which means that European Union citizens can enter intro the country and stay for 90 days without a visa. 

But what happens to the rest? How can you obtain the residency in Andorra in order to start working and living in the country? The immigration system of the country contemplates two types of residencies, offering two visas for each:

• 2 visas that will allow you to work in Andorra (ACTIVE RESIDENCY).

• 2 visas that will just grant you to the possibility to become a resident in the country while you conduct your economic activities outside this territory (PASSIVE RESIDENCY).



For who? For those who will keep their company/job outside Andorra and don’t need to spend the whole year in the country.

Requirements. You will have to invest 50.000€ in a government bond (which is refundable) at the beginning of your residency and 10.000€ for each additional family member. Within the first 6 months of your stay, you will have to demonstrate you have invested a total of 400.000€ in the country.

Conditions. The minimum required stay in the country is 90 days per year.

Processing time. 3 to 8 weeks, being one of permits that is easier to get.

andorra residency
visa to andorra
visa to andorra


For who? For those willing to set up a company in Andorra that will operate mainly with clients abroad.

Requirements. As in category A, you must invest 50.000€ in a bond plus 10.000€ for each family member. Furthermore, it is required from you to have created a company within the first 7 months of residency in the country.

Conditions. Stay in Andorra at least 90 days per year. 10% of your company profits will be taxed in the country.

Processing time. Around 4 months in total as your business plan must be reviewed.


For who? For leaders and famous people in the entertainment, writing, arts, scientific or sports sector.

Requirements. You will need to provide your CV or past achievements portfolio. You will just need to pay the same 50.000€ deposit as in category A and B, but then no other investment will be required.

Conditions. Stay 90 days in the country per year.

Processing time. The government must analyze your specific case to check that your CV meets the requirements, but as the paperwork is easy, it takes less time than in category B.

residency in Andorra


For who? For those individuals willing to start their own company in Andorra for which they will be working (restaurants, shops, etc.).

Requirements. You need foreign investment approval in order to set up your business

Conditions. 183 days per year in the country required. You will need to make sure that you are working to make your company grow. Pay 10% tax on profits.

Processing time. Around 2 months.

General requirements to get the residency

Each residence permit in Andorra has its own requirements and documents in order to grant a successful application. Nevertheless, there are a few general conditions any citizen must meet in order to get the residency in the country:


You will need to show that you don’t have any criminal records in your country of origin.


Which must be contracted in Andorra.


Bank certificate. For categories A, B and C you will need to demonstrate that you have a bank account with the corresponding funding that is required by the Andorran Immigration Law. We are talking about a 300% of the minimum annual legal wage in Andorra, which is nearly 13.000€ per year (therefore, you will need to demonstrate the possession of 40.000€).


You must be over 18 years old.


You must have rented or acquired a property in the country.

How to apply for a visa in Andorra

How to apply for a
visa in Andorra

Provided that you meet the prior requirements, obtaining the residency in Andorra is not complicated. The specific steps, nevertheless, will depend on which of the 4 permits you are applying for.

But how is the process all about? Even though an important part of the process can be done from your origin country, you will need to visit Andorra in order to formalize your application and get your residence permit. For that, you will need to get your tourist visa, which will allow you to stay in the country for a total of 90 days.

If you can’t finish the application within that time range, you will need to get back to your country and then come to Andorra again.

But don’t worry. If you would like to avoid all the legal hassle and get your residence permit as fast as possible, relying on specialized immigration lawyers is the best solution. That is why we will be there with you, step by step, so you can avoid as much time as possible (and money) throughout the whole process, and enjoy a successful application.

Advantages of the Andorran residency


You will get the right to apply for the Andorran citizenship after 20 years with your residence permit


Free movement within Spain and France, as Andorra has treatments with them (despite not being part of the European Union).


Enjoy the heaven that the tax regime in Andorra offers. Taxation levels are really low (you won’t pay more than 10% on your incomes), and taxes like capital gains tax, dividend taxes or wealth tax do not exist in the country


You can easily get the residency for your family while you make your own application


Calmed life with a really low crime rate.


Efficient and high quality schooling and health care system


Getting the citizenship in Andorra may be something really difficult. Furthermore, dual citizenship is not recognized in the Principality, therefore in order to obtain the Andorran nationality you will need to renounce to your origin one.

There are two different ways to obtain the citizenship in Andorra: 

  • BY NATURALIZATION. If you resided for a total of 20 years in the country with the active or passive residency (of which the last 10 you permanently resided in the principality), you can get the nationality.
  • BY BIRTH. A child that was born in Andorra will be eligible for the citizenship provided that her father or mother are citizens of Andorra; or that have a residence permit in the country.


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